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Hell is a colony of the British Crown now? Kind of cool, but seems pretty fishy at the same time… Travel to Victorian England and save the history in this open world adventure tabletop game with four game modes and ever-living content system.

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Our Games

Nor’easter TBA

Nor’easter is a beautifully drawn, classic point-and-click adventure game inspired by the lumberjack folklore of Northern America.

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Hayley and David TBA

Hayley and David seems to be the perfect couple. She is an aspiring artist, he a hard working manager. Hayley’s world is turned up-side down when suddenly her fiancée disappears without a trace.

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Terra incognita TBA

Discover one-of-a-kind combination of a deck-building and tile-placement game, in which scientists and conspiracy theorists are fighting for the future of our planet to decide whether it will be flat and completely crazy, or spherical and … you know, just how it is.

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Jadłogrody małe Coming in 2021

Plan the city of your dreams and earn the title of Chief Architect of Pineville in this charming citybuilding card game for the whole family.

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Penny Dreadfun TBA

Travel to Victorian England and save the history in this open world adventure tabletop game with three game modes and ever-living content system.

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Published Games


As a detective-mage on hangover unravel the mystery of Archmage’s death in this crazy party game that mixes elements of classic card battle games and games of deduction and deception with co-op play.

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Ravenhard afterparty

This small box is a lot of extra content for Ravehard

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Penny dreadfun duchy demony OUT OF STOCK

A role-playing, comedy board game set in Victorian London, full of occultism, historical and literary characters, and an absurd sense of humour.

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